Stump Removal and Grinding

The most common greeted service is the grind stumps & visible surface roots below goods to our agreed-upon depth. Grind out stumps to reduce top hazards, and created space for re-planting & beautify the landscape. We can grind any size stump from a few inches to many feet across. ArborPro Tree Experts have stump machines that will go through a 36-inch gate. ArborPro Tree Experts will coordinate utility locations of power, water, gas, sewer, and communication lines.

FAQ: Portland Stump Grinding

What is the cost of stump grinding?

Stump grinding is much less expensive than hiring an excavator to dig out stumps. It’s also usually less expensive and easier than renting a machine and doing it yourself.

Who is responsible for the underground utility location?

ArborPro will coordinate public underground and utility locations like power, water, sewer, gas, and communication lines. Customers are responsible for non-public underground utilities like irrigation, low voltage lighting, etc.

What can I do with the wood chips from stump grinding?

Chips can be spread in landscape beds, play areas, or walking paths. If you don’t want the chip removal service to be available.