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Why Choose Us?

When you choose ArborPro for tree services in Tualatin, OR, you’re getting elite tree care professionals with the expertise and passion to take the best care of your trees.

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    Local Expertise in Tualatin

    We’ve spent over 20 years caring for trees throughout Tualatin and have worked in every neighborhood in the city during that time. We have experience working with every type of tree on Tualatin’s list of street trees, from American yellowwoods to zelkovas, along with numerous others. In other words, we know Tualatin and its trees and pour that expertise into every service.

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    Detail-Oriented Work

    We take pride in mastering complex, detail-oriented pruning jobs and tree removal projects. Customers often describe our services as “high-end” and feel confident leaving their trees in our hands, no matter the project’s scope

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    Value Service

    Many Tualatin customers find that we offer some of the best prices in the area without cutting corners. We make tree work affordable and will work with you to help save money on high-value jobs.

What to Expect

We strive to make tree maintenance hassle-free and take care of as much of the process as we can. If you need a permit to remove trees on your property, we’ll obtain it before we start. We know Tualatin’s tree code inside and out and will ensure any work on your property adheres to these regulations.

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Tree Services in Tualatin, OR

We’re a full-scale tree management company consisting of five ISA-certified arborists and a team of experienced tree professionals. We can reliably assist you with any of these tree services in Tualatin, OR.

Tree Removal - Our experienced climbers remove trees of all sizes using cranes, bucket trucks, and crane barges. We have extensive experience with complex technical removals and can take the stress of this process entirely off your hands.

Pruning and Trimming - Our eye for artistry and precise tree-trimming experience allow us to turn your unruly trees into immaculate works of art. We regularly prune and trim trees in high-end neighborhoods throughout the city to create a clean and attractive curb appeal.

Stump Grinding - After removing a tree from your property, we will grind down the stump, remove the roots, haul away the debris, and fill the hole, leaving behind a blank slate for future projects.

Hazard/Emergency Service - Has a tree fallen on your house or car? Are large branches blocking the roadway? Call ArborPro Tree Experts 24/7 for hazardous tree removal and emergency tree services. We will reschedule our other appointments as needed so we can get to your property as soon as possible.

Arborist Consultation - Make strategic decisions about the trees on your property in Tualatin with a thorough arborist consultation from one of our team members. We offer tree risk assessments, inventories, and protection plans.

Cabling and Bracing - If we notice trees on your property with weak unions, we’ll use cables and braces to fortify them until they can reliably stand on their own.

Pest and Disease - We perform pest and disease treatments as part of our plant health care (PHC) program. We commonly treat Dutch elm disease and emerald ash borer infestations in Tualatin but also have experience with a range of other tree disease treatments.

Fertilization - Soil is the foundation of healthy trees. We perform soil tests and fertilization treatments to ensure your soil has the proper nutrients and pH balance to support tree growth.

Permit Application Services - In Tualatin, you can remove up to four trees from your property per year without a permit, as long as those trees aren’t part of a site plan or designated Heritage Trees. We’ll ensure you meet all permit requirements and will apply for permits on your behalf where necessary.

Tree Preservation - Cabling, pruning, fertilization, root zone improvements, and soil amendments are all elements of our tree preservation program that can help your trees thrive.

Commercial Tree Services - We regularly perform all of the above services for commercial, municipal, and utility customers throughout Tualatin.


Tualatin celebrates Arbor Month during the entire month of April each year. Festivities include the “Tualatin Trees” photo contest, a “Put Down Roots in Tualatin” event where locals plant over 800 trees, “Hug a Tree for Earth Day,” and more.

About Tualatin, OR

Tualatin is one of our favorite places to work within the Portland Metropolitan Area. This city has such a vibrant atmosphere set against the serene backdrop of nature and wildlife, offering the best of both worlds.

We know that tourists love Tualatin for the Giant Pumpkin Regatta and the annual Crawfish Festival, but we also love the simplicity of the town’s parks and trails that highlight the beauty of nature. We’re grateful for the opportunity to perform tree services in Tualatin, OR.

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“Alex was early, discussed the trimming of our ornamental trees with us prior to starting... He did an excellent job, cleaned up all debris, and blew off any remnant twigs. I would gladly recommend them.”

– David S.