Mark Bourgeois is the Founder and Operator of ArborPro Tree Experts

There was only one thing Mark was going to do with his life. At the earliest of ages, Mark was into trees and the outdoors. Mark Bourgeois long before entering college was studying all things outdoors. As Mark grew up he knew his passion was the outdoors and specifically trees. It was a natural transition to a school where Mark officially studied Botany, Dendrology, Environmental Science, and Wildlife Science at the University of Maine. After Main, Mark came west and entered Oregon State University. Balancing books and college life, Mark spent his free time rock, ice, and alpine climbing over all sorts of terrain and really enjoying the nature of the Pacific Northwest.

Entrepreneurship For Mark Started on The East Coast but The West Won His Heart

In 1986, Mark was living in Massachusetts and stumbled upon his first residential tree work by helping out some local people. It was an instantaneous sort of love, and within a couple of years Mark had purchased equipment and hired his own employees. From 1986 until 1993, Mark and his team specialized in Arboriculture and the occasional Forestry management work.

In 1993, Mark moved to Oregon (the perfect place for a tree lover!) and started ArborPro Tree Experts. The business has flourished and he attributes that to the attitude of him and his employees.

At ArborPro Tree Experts, we don’t view a new job as “just another job” but instead as an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with clear communication, providing quality work, and exceeding the expectations of our customers.”

Let us help you understand your trees better. We are always happy to discuss your needs.  Our tree experts are happy to talk to you about the benefits of Structural Pruning to the best way to save money on tree care. A Tree Hazard Evaluation conducted by an ISA Certified Arborist like Mark Bourgeois can help you discover potential tree problems before the only choice is tree removal.

Colin Bourgeois-Operations/Sales Manager

Colin’s love of trees and the outdoors was fostered from a young age while growing up in the forested outskirts of Portland and apprenticing his father, Mark Bourgeois owner of ArborPro. Colin furthered his passion by continuing tree care in Northern California while he attended school at Humboldt State University. After graduating with a degree in Outdoor Leadership and a minor in Business, Colin served as a wildland firefighter with the Forest Service for fire 3 seasons while continuing to work at ArborPro.

In 2017, Colin took on his current role as Operations/Sales Manager. In that role, he manages key accounts and assists with overseeing the daily tasks associated with running the business. On occasion, Colin has the opportunity to get back into the trees himself and revisit the hands-on work that fueled his passion for trees since he was young. Outside of work, Colin enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and all things outdoors.