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Why Choose Us?

At ArborPro, we take pride in delivering top-level service to every Beaverton customer, no matter the project’s scope. When you partner with us for reliable tree care, you gain all of the following benefits: 

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    Local Expertise

    We’ve worked in virtually every neighborhood throughout Beaverton over the past 20 years. We know the people and trees in Beaverton and use that local expertise to provide the highest-quality tree services to customers.  

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    Fair Pricing

    We provide high-end tree services for a fair price. Our customers often report that our prices are lower than the quotes they’ve received.

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    Thoughtful Tree Care

    We’ll take the time to craft a proposal that meets your budget and goals for tree care, providing honest recommendations based on our expertise and experience.

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    Full Suite of Services

    We’re your one-stop shop for tree services in Beaverton, OR, and can complete your entire job, no matter the size or complexity. 

What To Expect From Our Beaverton, OR, Tree Service

We make the process of removing, pruning, and treating trees effortless. Here’s what you can expect when contacting our team for tree care:

  • Assessment: We’ll come to your property and take a look at your trees, providing honest advice about the best route to meet your wants and needs.
  • Estimate: We give in-depth estimates up front so you know what to expect.
  • Service: We’ll schedule a time to complete your tree service that suits your schedule.
  • Cleanup: We don’t leave any tree debris behind unless you want us to! We can also arrange to deliver wood chips to your property after removing your tree.

As a Beaverton, OR, home or business owner, you shouldn’t ignore the trees on your property. With the proper maintenance, trees can enhance curb appeal, provide shade for outdoor activities, and offer habitats for local wildlife. Without it, they can become weak and unhealthy, posing a threat to your property. 

At ArborPro Tree Experts, we have been Beaverton’s trusted tree management company for over 20 years. As long-time members of the Beaverton community, we’re well versed in the city’s specific tree maintenance protocols. We adhere to all urban forestry requirements for planting, maintaining, pruning, and removing trees in Beaverton.

For expert tree services in Beaverton, OR, call 503-473-8733 to schedule an estimate.

A yellow crane with trees on the ground after a removal.

Tree Services in Beaverton, OR

We offer a comprehensive selection of tree services from knowledgeable, ISA-certified arborists and tree professionals.

Tree Removal - We’re experts in complex tree removal and can safely remove large and small trees from your property.

Pruning and Trimming - With our high-end pruning and trimming services, you can turn disorderly trees into immaculate works of art, perfectly complementing your curb appeal.

Stump Grinding - Stump grinding is the final step in our tree removal services. We will completely remove the stump and roots and fill the hole, leaving no trace of the tree.

Hazard/Emergency Service - When a fallen tree poses a serious hazard on your property, call ArborPro day or night. We will rearrange our schedule to prioritize your emergency tree service. We also offer storm damage cleanup after severe thunderstorms and blizzards.

Arborist Consultation - Our certified arborists can help you make smart decisions about the placement and removal of trees on your property. We offer tree risk assessments, protection plans, and detailed inventories.

Cabling and Bracing - Our cabling and bracing services support trees with weak unions, preventing them from falling over while they are growing.

Pest and Disease - We offer specialized pest and disease treatment for emerald ash borers, Dutch elm disease, and other tree ailments.

Fertilization - Our ongoing fertilization services can keep your soil in the best condition to support healthy and sustainable tree growth. 

Permit Application Services - The City of Beaverton limits the removal of street trees and monitors other tree maintenance activities. You may need a permit to cut down a tree on your property. We’ve been working in the Beaverton community for decades and know the city’s urban forestry requirements; we’d be happy to apply for all relevant permits on your behalf. 

Tree Preservation - Our plant health care (PHC) program includes services like cabling, pruning, fertilization, root zone improvement, and soil amendments to keep your trees happy and healthy for the long haul.

Commercial Tree Services - We frequently work with local business owners and municipal organizations to manage the trees on their properties as well.


Beaverton celebratesArbor Day each year with a city-wide planting event. Volunteers partner with the Friends of Trees organization to plant 40 trees of several species, such as Oregon white oak, cascara, ginkgo, and paperbark maple.

About Beaverton, OR

Beaverton, OR, is one of the main cities within the Portland metropolitan area and a city where our tree crew performs a lot of pruning and removal services. We enjoy the urban-suburban feel of the city, and while we don’t live in Beaverton, many of our team members frequent the area to eat at the Black Bear Diner or hike in the Tualatin Hills Nature Park. 

We always love it when we get to head out to Beaverton for tree appointments and can take the scenic route back, driving past the area’s picturesque farm fields. We love performing tree services in Beaverton, OR, and look forward to adding you to our growing family of Beaverton customers.  

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Read Reviews From Our Beaverton Customers

ArborPro was very good at keeping us informed about the timeline and the crew was very punctual. They were super friendly and professional. The yard was exceptionally clean after everything was done. Additionally, their quote came in on the lower spectrum of all the ones we had gotten.” 

– Uli S.