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ArborPro arborist in complete full gear, in compliance for safety regulations of a tree removal in Portland, OR.

About ArborPro Tree Experts

Welcome to ArborPro Tree Experts, where we’ve been providing award-winning tree care services in Portland, OR, and surrounding areas since 1993. Our team of ISA Certified Arborists, qualified tree risk assessors, and friendly, efficient office staff are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of quality tree services and an unbeatable customer experience.

We’re proud of the fact that many of our loyal customers have been with us since we founded ArborPro more than 30 years ago. Since 1993, we’ve helped thousands of residential clients, large universities, hospitals, and many commercial property management firms in Portland maintain safe, healthy, and beautiful landscapes.

ArborPro ground crew on grappler claw gathering some logs and loading it on a log truck on awarm sunny day in Portland, OR.

ArborPro’s Portland Area Tree Services 

Tree Pruning
& Trimming

Enhance tree health, safety, and appearance with our expert pruning techniques. Our ISA certified arborists skillfully remove deadwood, improve tree structure, control growth, and prevent potential hazards.


Need a tree removed safely?
Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently remove trees of any size and condition, even in tight spaces. Eliminate diseased, damaged, and hazardous trees with confidence.  


Unsightly stumps, gone.
Specialized machinery thoroughly grinds away stumps and roots, leveling your yard for new landscaping. Restore your property's beauty and eliminate tripping hazards.  

Emergency Tree

Storm damage? Sudden tree failure? We handle tree emergencies 24/7, providing a rapid response that minimizes risks and secures your property. Our experienced crews are here for you whenever you need help. 

Tree Fertilization & Soil Amendments

Healthy soil is the foundation of healthy trees. We analyze soil conditions, then apply tailored fertilizers to nourish your trees from the roots up, maximizing tree vigor and increasing disease resistance. 

Insect & Disease Management 

Protect your landscape investment. Integrated pest management identifies and treats infestations and tree disease before permanent damage occurs. Tailored treatments, effective protection, and minimal environmental impact.  

Root Zone Improvement

Optimize underground tree health with soil aeration, organic additives, and proper watering to revitalize root systems for drought/disease resistance. Enhance root growth for tree stability and healthier trees. 

Tree Cabling & Support Systems 

For trees with weak branches or structural issues, our specialized cabling systems provide supplemental support, reducing stress, preventing hazardous failures, and extending your trees' lifespans. 

Arborist Assessments 

Don't risk your trees' welfare. Our arborist assessments include a comprehensive tree inspection for diseases, pests, and hazards. Use our detailed reports and recommendations for proactive tree care. 

Tree Inventory Services

Protect your landscape investment. Integrated pest management identifies and treats infestations and tree disease before permanent damage occurs. Tailored treatments, effective protection, and minimal environmental impact.  

Tree Care Qualifications

  • Oregon CCB License # 128102
  • Washington license # 604 278 835
  • Oregon Landscape Contractors License #100469
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Tree Care Qualifications

  • Oregon CCB License # 128102
  • Washington license # 604 278 835
  • Oregon Landscape Contractors License #100469

Call today to meet with a Certified Arborist

Get started with a free estimate for any of our Portland tree care services. Just give us a call (we always answer the phone during business hours!) or fill out our Request a Quote form and we’ll get back to you promptly. 

ArborPro Tree Experts crew removing a large tree in a garden of a residence in Portland, OR.

Award-Winning Portland Tree Service

We are proud to have been named the Best of Lake Oswego & West Linn in 2024 for our outstanding tree care services. Here’s why working with an award-winning company like ArborPro Tree Experts benefits you:

Proven Excellence - From initial tree inspections along the Willamette River greenways to final cleanup at high-rise properties in downtown Portland, we perform nearly every aspect of the job. This streamlined approach ensures seamless coordination by our veteran team.

Customer Satisfaction - Recognition stems from highly satisfied customers, testifying to our ability to consistently meet and exceed expectations. Join our community of loyal clients. 

Expertise and Experience - With more than 30 years in the field, our award-winning certified arborists possess unparalleled knowledge and skills to handle all tree care needs expertly. 

Reliability - Our award-winning track record demonstrates reliable performance that will meet and surpass your expectations every time.

Commitment to Community - Local awards highlight our dedication to serving and enhancing the Portland community's beauty and safety through outstanding arboricultural services. 

Choosing ArborPro Tree Experts means opting for a trusted, recognized, and community-focused tree care provider.

ArborPro Tree Expert has been awarded as Best of Lake Oswego 2024.


Those are just a few of the words Portland area residents use to describe ArborPro Tree Experts.

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We'll Never Look Elsewhere

"Had the ArborPro crew come out and trim our large birch tree this month. Reasonable price, good phone service and scheduling, and the crew that did the work were perfect. Professional, detailed, asked for our input before they left to make sure it was exactly as we expected. I don't expect we will ever need to look anywhere else for tree service. Thank you ArborPro."

Todd Sweetland

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A+ Company!

We have used Arbor Pro for many years and highly recommend them. From bidding the job, answering my questions, and completing the work, they get an A+! Thanks, Arbor Pro!"

Theresa Lovett

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ArborPro Was Amazing!

"ArborPro was amazing! The company did a wonderful job and the price was great. The arborist Alan was prompt and upfront about the whole process and the crew that came and did the work were exceptional. I recommend anyone looking for expert, affordable tree removal and pruning to give them a call!"

Robert Gettle

Key Areas We Serve

NE Portland

NW Portland

N Portland

SE Portland

SW Portland





Happy Valley

Lake Oswego


Oregon City




West Linn


If your area isn’t listed here, feel free to contact us. We are always willing to extend our services to accommodate your tree care needs.


3501 Willamette Falls Drive, West Linn, OR 97068





Keep Your Trees Healthy & Beautiful

Get expert care from ArborPro’s certified arborists to keep your trees thriving. Whether your trees need pruning, fertilization, pest control, or structural support, trust Portland’s ArborPros to enhance your property's curb appeal and keep your family safe.

A worm's eye view of an ArborPro Tree Expert arborist harnessed on a tree while pruning a tree in Portland, OR.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portland Tree Services 

Professional arborists have the expertise to handle tree care tasks with utmost safety and precision. Our staff at ArborPro Tree Experts are trained to understand the intricacies of tree biology, ensuring that every tree thrives in your yard.

The cost varies based on the specific service needed. We recommend reaching out to our team for an estimate, which will give you a clearer idea based on your unique requirements.

Regular tree care is vital for a thriving yard. It’s a good practice to have an annual check by our arborists to ensure your trees are in optimal health and address any issues early on.

Our extensive experience, commitment to safety, and passionate staff make us a premier choice in the Portland metro area. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier tree care tailored to each client’s needs.

We understand the importance of timely tree care. Reach out to our team, and we’ll work diligently to provide you with an estimate as swiftly as possible, ensuring your trees get the attention they deserve.

Not necessarily. Our main concern is ensuring safety and delivering quality work. We will communicate any specific requirements before starting the work to make sure your yard remains undisturbed.

Yes, at ArborPro Tree Experts we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that minimizes the use of chemical pesticides and prioritizes the safety of the environment and humans.

Seasonal Tree Care Tips: Summer 

Summer can be tough on Portland’s trees - heat and humidity, periods of drought, thunderstorms ... Trees need a little extra care this time of year. These tips will help:

  • Water trees regularly and deeply (but don’t over water!)
  • Monitor trees for signs of heat stress and drought when temperatures rise
  • Add 3 to 4 inches of organic mulch around your trees, covering the entire root zone if possible
  • Prune to fix structural problems but avoid over pruning
  • Check frequently for symptoms of insect infestations or tree diseases
  • Plan ahead for fall fertilization treatments.

And don't forget to LOOK UP to identify any structural problems, like dead wood, low-hanging branches, or splitting trees. If you notice anything, give us a call. Judicious pruning and/or cabling now can save your trees from future storms.

An arborist in a bucket crane of ArborPro Tree Experts pruning a tree on a hot summer day in Portland.

Portland Tree Care Tips: The Latest from Our Blog

Get the most out of your landscape investment with helpful and informative tree care tips, local updates, company news, and landscape advice from the certified experts at ArborPro.

Keeping Portland’s Trees Safe 

Don't let damaged, diseased, or precarious trees put your home and family at risk. ArborPro's skilled team safely removes hazardous trees of any size, as well as stumps and debris. We also offer 24/7 emergency response.

ArborPro ground crew responding to a tree emergency removal after a storm in Portland.