Tree Planting Services Portland Metro - Lake Oswego

Trees Create Beauty, Privacy, Shade, Clean Air, Noise Reduction

Tree Planting Success Requires

The right tree species choice can make all the difference. Tree species choices are almost endless; Whether you want your trees to be big, small, narrow, wide, fruiting, flowering, evergreen, deciduous, share tolerant, arid tolerant, wet tolerant, disease resistant, etc. ArborPro Tree Experts have the Tree Services you need. Choosing the right tree is the most important part of the whole planting process. Schedule to meet with one of our certified arborists for help with choosing the right trees for your property. 

Consideration of your landscape goals

An ArborPro certified arborist will discuss your tree care goals with you. Do you want privacy foliage? How large would you like the tree to be at maternity? Do you want showy flowers, colorful fall foliage, etc.

Soil and Moisture conditions

Soil samples can be taken and tested to determine soil nutrients, pH, and compositions. Soil moisture current soil moisture can be tested and seasonal conditions can be discussed. Recommendations for soil amendments (nutrient, pH, drainage adjustments) can be made

Tree Planting Services

Common Tree Disease Issues

Some trees have disease issues that are more likely to occur with, improper soil conditions, not enough sunlight, other diseased trees in your area, etc. Unfortunately, many trees can get diseases that can not be treated successfully. Make the right choices and get help with your tree disease issues from one of our certified arborists.

Available Space and Light

Some trees can quickly outgrow a planting location. If the available light is not ideal, a tree can be more likely to get diseased, decline, or grow with unsightly poor shape and structure. Oregon has a large tree nursery industry but species and size availability changes frequently. Planning ahead and having some species options in mind can be helpful. ArborPro has been planting trees and shrubs for 30 years. We have great relationships with the top wholesale nurseries.

Plant Health Care

Soil Enhancements and Fertilization

The most critical factor for healthy trees, shrubs, and improved disease resistance is healthy well-balanced soil. Our process starts with soil testing to determine soil composition, pH, and nutrient levels. With this information, we can accurately and effectively improve soil conditions and plant health. This is done by adjusting soils to the proper ph and adding deficient nutrients.

Often soils are compacted adding serious problems. Soil compaction can limit respiration causing disease and are back, it can limit needed moisture getting to roots and it can create an anaerobic condition reducing populations of important soil microbes. This condition can also cause root decay.

ArborPro Tree Experts uses specific techniques to relieve soil compaction. We commonly use some air spade equipment to relieve soil compaction with high-pressure air loosening and breaking up hardened soil without causing damage to fragile roots.

During this process, ArborPro’s arborists will make critical soil amendments. These may include adding organic material which is commonly deficient in an urban landscape. Other products like mulch covers, sandy soil beds, gypsums, perlite, or, vermiculite, may be added to help maintain soil aeration and drainage.

Organic Soil Care Services and Products

ArborPro offers the best quality organic soil care products available. Our products are designed and used to meet the specific needs of the plants we are treating these products include organic mulches, liquid organic fertilizers for deep root injections, organic mycorrhizal inoculants, and organic granular fertilizers. Organic treatments are best for optimal soil health sustainability and good microbe populations.

Mulching (Why it’s critical?)

In urban landscapes, the bulk of material that falls from our trees and shrubs (leaf litter, twigs, blossoms, fruit, etc.) is raked up and disposed of off-site. Those valuable organics that replenish the soil are gone. In addition, soil compaction issues are compounded without a mulch layer.

Mulching Benefits

ArborPro has high-quality mulchers we can install for you this can often be completed with other services.

Soil Care Programs and Services

Organic Soil Care, Fertilization, and Soil Amendments

Standard Soil Care Services and Programs

Stump Removal and Grinding

The most common greeted service is the grind stumps & visible surface roots below goods to our agreed-upon depth. Grind out stumps to reduce top hazards, and created space for re-planting & beautify the landscape. We can grind any size stump from a few inches to many feet across. ArborPro Tree Experts have stump machines that will go through a 36-inch gate. ArborPro Tree Experts will coordinate utility locations of power, water, gas, sewer, and communication lines.

FAQ: Portland Stump Grinding

What is the cost of stump grinding?

Stump grinding is much less expensive than hiring an excavator to dig out stumps. It’s also usually less expensive and easier than renting a machine and doing it yourself.

Who is responsible for the underground utility location?

ArborPro will coordinate public underground and utility locations like power, water, sewer, gas, and communication lines. Customers are responsible for non-public underground utilities like irrigation, low voltage lighting, etc.

What can I do with the wood chips from stump grinding?

Chips can be spread in landscape beds, play areas, or walking paths. If you don’t want the chip removal service to be available.