Tree Planting Services Portland Metro - Lake Oswego

Trees Create Beauty, Privacy, Shade, Clean Air, Noise Reduction

Tree Planting Success Requires

The right specifies choice: species choices are almost endless, big, small, narrow, wide, fruiting, flowering, evergreen, deciduous, share tolerant, arid tolerant, wet tolerant, disease resistant, etc. Schedule to meet with one of our arborists choosing the right tree is the most important part of the whole planting process.

Consideration of your landscape goals

An ArborPro certified arborist will discuss your goals with you. Do you want privacy foliage? How large would you like the tree to be at maternity? Do you want showy flowers, colorful fall foliage, etc.

Soil and Moisture conditions

Soil samples can be taken and tested to determine soil nutrients, pH, and compositions. Soil moisture current soil moisture can be tested and seasonal conditions can be discussed. Recommendations for soil amendments (nutrient, pH, drainage adjustments) can be made

Tree Planting Services

Common Disease Issues

Some trees have disease issues that are more likely to occur with, improper soil conditions, not enough sunlight, other diseased trees in your area, etc. Many trees can get diseases that can not be treated successfully. Make the right choices and get help from one of our arborists.

Available Space and Light

Some trees can quickly outgrow a planting location. If the available light is not ideal, a tree can be more likely to get diseased, decline, or grow with unsightly poor shape and structure. Oregon has a large tree nursery industry but species and size availability changes frequently. Planning ahead and having some species options in mind can be helpful. ArborPro has been planting trees and shrubs for 30 years. We have great relationships with the top wholesale nurseries.